About Us

Welcome to POWERTEK ELECTRONIC SYSTEM, POWERTEK founded in 1999, is an ISO certified organization, having work experience in system integration and provides solutions in telecommunications, data communications and industrial networking products. With technologies based on Ethernet and Optical transmission, POWERTEK can effectively meet the requirements of voice and data carriers, enterprises, as well as industrial grade Ethernet users. Focused on innovation and customer-centricity we are promoting creativity which meets the need of customers. We're building the networks of tomorrow which involves installation & commissioning of communication & optical fiber Terminal Equipments. POWERTEK has strategic alliances with major global brands/manufactures/vendors for latest technologies with an aim to cater to the market of technology distribution.

An evolving IT market has indicated the need to compete in scenarios where the PC is increasingly used as the focal point of an entire series of functions tied to a digital lifestyle. POWERTEK has comprehensively met this challenge with the introduction of its complete and reliable range of products for all types of users.

The development of superior technological solutions that are easy for all to use, combined with the dedication to sustain them with the best  distribution channels, have permitted the company to obtain these excellent results in a highly competitive economic situation. Furthermore, years of dedicated product planning went into the creation of the Powertek range ensuring that it was appropriately focused within the market.

We do business where we can add some value to the user and the technology. We have a tradition of adapting to new technology and offering it to the customers. POWERTEK has built its range of products utilizing international standards within its assembly plants and R&D laboratories. The company has built a reputation of being both cost effective and reliable, and has a national footprint unrivalled in the marketplace. Today, POWERTEK continues to move forward. As the company takes its revered brand products to the next level of consumer value, it also broadens its strong presence by continuously introducing a wide array of new products, categories and brands to the market. The result is an energized and determined ICT industry supplier who is winning by showing consumers exciting new ways to live a completely digital lifestyle.