Customer Support

POWERTEK was evolved by a Team of Professionals to provide Support & Services.

Service contracts are about protecting your business, take a minute and measure the potential 'down time' in the case of network failure against the security of having a contracted agreement with a well established company that has the experience, manpower, stock levels and customer commitment to ensure this potential 'down time' is kept at a minimum.

Consider the worst case scenario for a moment - turn off all PC systems in your office, therefore no access to data, this would be the case if your network failed, would it be 'Catastrophic, Fatal, Unthinkable' ?? What value do you put on your company information & what precautions have you put in place to ensure that this scenario is not going to happen?

Benefits of AMC to customer:

  • It is a one time decision and saves valuable time
  • Cost effective charges and quality service deliverables
  • Trained Service professionals
  • Priority Services for customer who have AMC
  • Committed response time and repair time
  • 6 Preventive maintenance visits
  • Undertaking networking jobs & Solutions