Product's Range

POWERTEK ELECTRONIC SYSTEM is involved in installation & commisioning of -

  • Computer Hardware, Networking, & Software

  • Information Technology & Data Processing

  • Broadcasting & Communications Equipment

  • Audio/Visual and Photographic Devices

  • Data Loggers and Recorders

  • Signal cables for IT, AV and Telecom¬†

  • Optical Fibre cables, Telephone wires, Coaxial cables

  • Batteries, Battery Chargers, Solar Cells

  • Apparatus and instruments for controlling Electricity

  • Protective and Safety Equipment

  • Alarms and Warning Equipment

  • Navigation, Tracking, Targeting and Map Making Devices

  • Access Control Devices

  • Temperature, Electricity, Sound, Distance, Dimension & Weight Measuring & Testing Devices.


Education and Training

We also provide technical training for desktop applications, Networking and IT administration. Required training is generally specific, or we can see if we can tailor a related course to meet your needs in any of the following areas:

  • Networking
  • Trouble shooting
  • General break/fix it
  • Email/Internet access
  • Printing solutions
  • CDRW/DVDRW technology
  • Deployment software
  • ADSL (Broadband installation)
  • Data storage/back-up
  • New product information
  • Virus protection - measuring the threat against your potential down time